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Our online tutoring services can be scheduled at your convenience.

Every family has a different schedule, including parent (and sometimes student) work schedules, after-school activities, sports, volunteering, hobbies, and more. Even if you recognize that your child could benefit from a tutoring service, it can feel overwhelming to add one more thing to your busy schedule. At The Learning Loft, we are committed to providing a variety of key services to students in grades 6 to 12, including online tutoring.

Online Tutoring in Clemmons, North Carolina

Our online tutoring services can be scheduled at your convenience, or if you prefer, you can arrange to come into our welcoming, safe, and supervised learning space located near Clemmons, North Carolina. We also offer skill-based workshops online, helping your child develop key skills essential for lifelong success, like communication techniques, organizational strategies, study skills, and time management skills.

Online tutoring can help build a student’s confidence and improve their grades in key subjects like mathematics. We will also work to build their confidence and promote an overall love of learning. Each session will include one-on-one interaction and weekly communication with the student’s parents to make sure everyone is on track and well informed.

We use a proven, engaging approach to online tutoring and all our services. The Learning Loft was founded by a certified math teacher with over 25 years of classroom experience and a master’s degree in education. The last couple of years have only reinforced the importance of digital literacy, and online tutoring can help your student develop those key skills as well. Contact us today to discuss our services or to schedule a session now.


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