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Get the support you need with our personalized after-school tutoring services.

Every student is unique, and here at The Learning Loft, we want to celebrate your unique learning journey. Whether you are a home-school student, a remote-learning student, a student at a traditional public school in a face-to-face classroom, or in any other educational setting, we are confident that we can help you stay on track and meet your educational goals with our after-school tutoring services.

After-School Tutoring in Clemmons, North Carolina

After-school tutoring can be offered in the format that works best for your circumstances:

  • In-person tutoring services: You can schedule times to come to our supervised learning space regularly. During each session, you can expect a one-on-one check-in and direct communication about your progress. We are available as needed between visits for additional support and communicate weekly with parents, so everyone is in the loop.
  • Remote tutoring services: Many families are busy with work, after-school activities, volunteering, and other responsibilities. Our remote tutoring services allow you to access our support without having to make a trip into our learning space in Clemmons, North Carolina.
  • Skill-based workshops: Beyond tutoring, we understand that supporting the growth of academic skills can help students succeed in every subject and beyond school. We teach small group seminars on skills like time management, organization, communication techniques, and more.

If you are in grades 6-12 and are looking for after-school tutoring that can make a significantly positive impact on your learning journey, we are standing by to help. We are passionate about bringing our decades of educational experience and putting it to work for you and your family. Contact us today to learn more.