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We want to be your academic tutor of choice, helping you stay on track and meet your learning goals.

If you are looking for an academic tutor for a student in grades 6-12, you will be thrilled to learn about us at The Learning Loft. Our facilitators are certified teachers with advanced degrees with experience both in traditional classroom settings, remote teaching, and one-on-one tutoring services. Whether you are looking for specific support in a subject like mathematics or you are looking for generalized support to help your student grow as an independent learner, we have services to meet a variety of needs.

Academic Tutor in Clemmons, North Carolina

As academic tutors, we understand our key role of building student confidence and independence, as well as improving grades and academic success. Each of our sessions includes a supervised learning space, one-on-one check-ins, and a discussion of your progress toward goals. We also offer support between visits and a weekly report for parents, providing peace of mind.

We offer individualized and compassionate one-on-one support, but we also hold skill-based workshops and seminars that can further build your studying and learning skills. These sessions are limited to 5 participants at a time, ensuring plenty of personalized attention from our facilitators. These skills support learning success, but they also support life success – skills like effective communication techniques, time management strategies, study skills, and getting and staying organized.

We want to be your academic tutor of choice in Clemmons, North Carolina, helping you stay on track to meet your learning goals. Give us a call today to schedule your first session or contact us with any questions you may have.