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Our support system goes way beyond traditional tutoring.

As a parent, you want what is best for your child. But success in academic subjects like math only propels your child so far forward when it comes to real-life scenarios like college and their career. At The Learning Loft, we are committed to helping the whole student, which is why we also serve in the important role of student success coach when needed.

Student Success Coach in Clemmons, North Carolina

Our support system goes way beyond traditional tutoring. Our other aspects of support include:

  • Skill-based workshops in key life skills like time management, study skills, organizational skills and effective communication techniques
  • Providing a safe and supervised learning space with personalized, one-on-one check-ins at every session to better gauge and discuss progress and areas in need of improvement
  • Ongoing, weekly communication with parents, so everyone is on the same page

We are dedicated to your student’s lifelong success. We can help them overcome academic challenges, but we can also help them define and tackle their own personal goals, as well as help them get and stay motivated. If you live in or near Clemmons, North Carolina and your child is struggling in school or lacking the motivation and drive to do better, reach out to us to discuss our role as personal student success coaches.

The Learning Loft was started by a certified math teacher with a master’s degree in education and over two decades of classroom experience. Let us be your accountability partner and cheer your child on as their student success coach. Contact us today to learn more.